Complements that get compliments! – Wine & Cheese

Complements that get compliments! – Wine & Cheese

Complements that get compliments! – Wine & Cheese

Everyone has their own thoughts as to which wines complement which cheeses. It’s a matter of personal preference. Here are a few generally accepted guidelines to get you started:

  • Well balanced white wines are the most cheese-friendly
  • The general rule on “reds” is that the bigger and more tannic the red, the harder the cheese should be. For example, an aged cheddar with a Bordeaux works nicely.
  • Soft, creamy cheeses pair well with crisp whites and splarkling wines.
  • Try Champagne with Brie.
  • Semi-soft cheeses pair well with white wines or fruity reds that aren’t too tannic. For example, Gouda pairs well with Riesling or Pinot Noir
  • Goat Cheese is in its own category. It always matches well with Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Strong cheeses can be matched with strong reds. They can also be tamed by sweet, late harvest wines, ice wines or port.

Cheese boards are perfect when hosting dinner or cocktail parties. Just remember that variety is key to pleasing guests with diverse tastes. Experiment with textures from hard to soft, flavours from strong to mild, as well as different colours, shapes, types of milk (goat, cow, sheep) and places of origin. Accompaniments are always welcomed and can include grapes, apples, apricots (dried), dates, nuts and olives. Chutney’s are an amazing pairing with cheese! A cheeseboard can also be a work of art, so remember that presentation is everything. Whether your display is elegant or rustic, everyone loves cheese! Enjoy!

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